OpenPMIx v4.2

The charter of the PMIx community is to:

  1. Develop an open source (non-copy-left licensed) and independent (i.e., not affiliated with any specific programming model code base) standalone library to support application interactions with Resource Managers (RMs).

  2. Retain transparent compatibility with the existing PMI-1 and PMI-2 definitions, and any future PMI releases.

  3. Support the Instant On initiative for rapid startup of applications at exascale and beyond.

  4. Work with the HPC community to define and implement new APIs that support evolving programming model requirements for application-RM interactions.

PMIx is designed to be particularly easy for resource managers to adopt, thus facilitating a rapid uptake into that community for application portability. Both client and server libraries are included, along with reference examples of client usage and server-side integration. A list of supported environments and versions is provided [here](etc) - please check regularly as the list is changing!


The above paragraph refers to a list of supported environments and versions, but I don’t know what it is referring to. This text / link should be fixed.

PMIx targets support for the Linux operating system. A reasonable effort is made to support all major, modern Linux distributions; however, validation is limited to the most recent 2-3 releases of RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Fedora, CentOS, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). Support for vendor-specific operating systems is included as provided by the vendor.

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