12.3. Compiler Pickyness by Default

If you are building PMIx from a Git clone (i.e., there is a .git directory in your build tree), the default build includes extra compiler pickyness, which will result in more compiler warnings than in non-developer builds and will mandate that warnings be treated as errors. Getting these extra compiler warnings is helpful to PMIx developers in making the code base as clean as possible.

Developers can disable this picky-by-default behavior by using the --disable-picky configure option. Also note that extra-picky compiles do not happen automatically when you do a VPATH build (e.g., if .git is in your source tree, but not in your build tree).

Prior versions of PMIx would automatically activate a lot of (performance-reducing) debugging code by default if .git was found in your build tree. This is no longer true. You can manually enable these (performance-reducing) debugging features in the PMIx code base with the --enable-debug configure option.