16. News

This file contains the main features as well as overviews of specific bug fixes (and other actions) for each version of PMIx since version 1.0.

As more fully described in the Software Version Number section, PMIx typically releases two separate version series simultaneously. Since these series have different goals and are semi-independent of each other, a single NEWS-worthy item may be introduced into different series at different times. For example, feature F was introduced in the vA.B series at version vA.B.C, and was later introduced into the vX.Y series at vX.Y.Z.

The first time feature F is released, the item will be listed in the vA.B.C section, denoted as:

(** also to appear: X.Y.Z) – indicating that this item is also

likely to be included in future release version vX.Y.Z.

When vX.Y.Z is later released, the same NEWS-worthy item will also be included in the vX.Y.Z section and be denoted as:

(** also appeared: A.B.C) – indicating that this item was previously

included in release version vA.B.C.

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