16.5. PMIx v1.x series

This file contains all the NEWS updates for all the PMIx v1.x series, in reverse chronological order.

16.5.1. 1.2.5 – 6 Feb 2018

  • Fix cross-version issue when v1.2 client interacts with v2.1 server (PR #564)

  • Update client connection for cross-version support (PR #591)

  • Fix write memory barrier ASM for PowerPC (PR #606)

  • Add protection from overly-large messages

16.5.2. 1.2.4 – 13 Oct. 2017

  • Silence some unnecessary warning messages (PR #487)

  • Coverity fix - TOCTOU (PR #465)

  • automake 1.13 configure fix (PR #486)

  • Update RPM spec file (rpmbuild -ta, and –rebuild fixes) (PR #523)

  • Support singletons in PMI-1/PMI-2 (PR #537)

16.5.3. 1.2.3 – 24 Aug. 2017

  • Resolve visibility issues for public APIs (PR #451)

  • Atomics update - remove custom ASM atomics (PR #458)

  • Fix job-fence test (PR #423)

  • Replace stale PMIX_DECLSPEC with PMIX_EXPORT (PR #448)

  • Memory barrier fixes for thread shifting (PR #387)

  • Fix race condition in dmodex (PR #346)

  • Allow disable backward compatability for PMI-1/2 (PR #350)

  • Fix segv in PMIx_server_deregister_nspace (PR #343)

  • Fix possible hang in PMIx_Abort (PR #339)

16.5.4. 1.2.2 – 21 March 2017

  • Compiler fix for Sun/Oracle CC (PR #322)

  • Fix missing include (PR #326)

  • Improve error checking around posix_fallocate (PR #329)

  • Fix possible memory corruption (PR #331)

16.5.5. 1.2.1 – 21 Feb. 2017

  • dstore: Fix data corruption bug in key overwrite cases

  • dstore: Performance and scalability fixes

  • sm: Use posix_fallocate() before mmap

  • pmi1/pmi2: Restore support

  • dstore: Fix extension slot size allocation (Issue #280)

16.5.6. 1.2.0 – 14 Dec. 2016

  • Add shared memory data storage (dstore) option. Default: enabled Configure option: –disable-dstore

  • PMIx_Commit performance improvements

  • Disable errhandler support

  • Keep job info in the shared memory dstore

  • PMIx_Get performance and memory improvements

16.5.7. 1.1.5

  • Add pmix_version.h to support direct detection of PMIx library version

  • Fix support for Solaris 10 by using abstract version of strnlen

  • Fix native security module for Solaris by using getpeerucred in that environment

  • Ensure man pages don’t get installed in embedded builds

  • Pass temporary directory locations in info keys instead of the environment

16.5.8. 1.1.4

  • Properly increment the reference count for PMIx_Init

  • Fix examples so all run properly

  • Fix/complete PMI2 backward compatibility support to handle keys that are not associated with a specific rank

  • Do a better job of hiding non-API symbols

  • Correct handling of semi-colon terminations on macros. Thanks to Ashley Pittman for the patch

  • Add more man pages

  • Improve error checking and messages for connection attempts from client to server

  • If the tmpdir name is too long, provide an appropriate help message to the user (particularly relevant on Mac OSX). Thanks to Rainer Keller for the patch.

  • Fix some C++ compatibility issues

  • Fix/complete PMI-1 backward compatibility support

  • Do not install internal headers unless specifically requested to do so

  • Add support for multiple calls to Put/Commit

16.5.9. 1.1.3

  • Update the symbol hiding file to cover all symbols

  • Fix examples and test directory Makefile.am’s so the Makefiles are automatically built and the code compiled, but not installed

  • Do not install the pmix library in embedded use-cases

16.5.10. 1.1.2

  • Provide a check for hwloc support - if not found, then don’t pass any topology info down to the client as it won’t know how to unpack it anyway.

  • Fix a few places where thread safety wasn’t provided

  • Fix several issues identified by Paul Hargrove:
    • PMIx_Init(NULL) is supported

    • Incomplete PMIx_constants man page had some lingering cruft

    • Missing prototype for pmix_value_load

  • Fix race condition in PMIx_Get/PMIx_Get_nb

  • Fix double-free error in pmix_server_commit.

  • Fix PMIX_LOAD_BUFFER to be safe.

16.5.11. 1.1.1

  • Fix an issue where the example and test programs were incorrectly being installed. Thanks to Orion Poplawski for reporting it

16.5.12. 1.1.0

  • major update of APIs to reflect comments received from 1.0.0 non-production release

  • fixed thread-safety issues

  • fixed a range of pack/unpack issues

  • added unit tests for all APIs

16.5.13. 1.0.0

Initial public release of draft APIs for comment - not production intended