16.1. PMIx v5.x series

This file contains all the NEWS updates for the PMIx v5.x series, in reverse chronological order.

16.1.1. 5.0.0 – 6 Aug 2023


This is the first release in the v5 family and includes some significant changes, both internal and user-facing. A partial list includes:

  • initial attribute and API definitions in support of scheduler integration to both applications and resource managers/runtime environments.

  • a new shared memory implementation that removes the need for special “workaround” logic due to limitations in the prior method

  • support for “qualified” values whereby an application can post multiple values to the same key, each with one or more qualifiers - and then retrieve the desired one by specifying the appropriate qualifier.

  • availability of both function and macro equivalents for all support operations (e.g., PMIX_ARGV_APPEND and PMIx_Argv_append). Note that the macro versions have been deprecated by the PMIx Standard, but remain highly recommended for use by those compiling against the library (as opposed to dlopen’ing it)

A full list of individual changes will not be provided here, but will commence with the v5.0.1 release.